A Gtkmm LaTeX Editor

AmyEdit is a LaTeX editor written to allow users to easily create LaTeX documents in a simple, user friendly enviroment. Its main requirement is that it remains lightweight whilst still having a large number of useful features.


14 March 2006 : AmyEdit 1.0 Released. This is the first release in the AmyEdit-1 series

19 November 2005 : This site has been updated to xhtml-1.0 strict.

12 November 2005 : Not dead yet!, lots of updates in CVS and a new version should be up soon, also there's now a quick FAQ in the new documentation section.

28 April 2005 : AmyEdit 0.9 Released, CVS is now up! AmyEdit available in portage

12 March 2005 : AmyEdit 0.8 Released

06 February 2005 : AmyEdit 0.7 Released

31 January 2005 : AmyEdit 0.6 Released

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